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Growing Your Business with Pinterest

Using social media platforms to grow your business is not a trend. In fact, it hasn’t been a trend for a long time. It’s the new way of doing things, and organizations that embrace this fact have an advantage over those who don’t.

Everyone and their dog is on social media now. If you want to grab the attention of potential customers and clients, you need to place yourself in their view. That means getting on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Currently, one social media platform that is a goldmine for companies large and small is Pinterest. It’s growing fast, and it’s visual-based platform attracts millions of viewers every day. It seems that these days, when people are so busy with so many distractions at their fingertips, they would much rather look at images than read words.

Pinterest is a boon for companies because consumers nowadays are all about convenience. Not only can Pinterest users browse what interests them on the platform, but when they see something they want, they can also get to the product page with one simple click. Now they can even opt for in-app purchases.

Smart, succesful companies have learned that having multiple boards on Pinterest helps organize content and makes it easier for people to pin and repin it. Melaleuca, for example, has a main board plus boards dedicated to Melaleuca events, new Melaleuca products, and people’s dreams/life goals.

What’s more, Pinterest accounts for the majority of online referral traffic for major companies like Kraft, Target, and Home Depot. That’s because social media, at its core, is essentially about sharing with other people. Pinterest has picked up on how much people love to share what they do, what they like, what they eat, where they travel, and what they purchase.

So if your organization is not on Pinterest, what are you waiting for? Start some boards, pin and repin things that your target audience is interested in, and you’re business will be better for it.

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