How to Hire the Right Moving Company in Los Angeles

Life is filled with surprises and we are often faced with decisions that result in impactful changes, such as receiving job offers, acceptance into a school, and relationships, which often requires relocating to a new home and place. Regardless of the reason for your move, you are now confronted with the challenge of getting all of your possessions transported to your new place of residence.

While you might consider moving your things on your own, if it is a larger scale move, it might not be possible to do on your own. With larger moves, taking on this challenge on your own can take a very long time, as well as potentially putting your body at risk for injury when moving heavy pieces of furniture and household appliances. The ideal choice is to hire a reliable moving company to get your things packed and moved to your new home.

But where do you begin when you’re on the search for a mover? Today, it is easy to make the assumption that you can simply do a Google search to find whatever it is you’re looking for, but when you consider the current state of the moving industry and the issue of rogue moving companies, simply going online to find the best rates is not enough to hire the right moving company. Many of these companies give out estimates for their work before even seeing how much stuff they even need to move; a real moving company will not give an estimate over the phone, because they need to determine the amount of space and weight to be moved.

A legitimate moving company will come to your home to check out the moving load prior to providing an estimate. Considering that every household contains a different amount of stuff, moving a three bedroom home could be much more or less expensive than another home of the same size. When you have agreed with the moving company on their rates, they will come to pick up your stuff.

When you hire a rogue moving company, you run the risk of potentially not getting your stuff back, but what usually happens is that the company will add on charges to your original estimate, like an overweight fee, which ends up making your moving cost much higher than you had anticipated, and as they are holding your possessions as lien, you are pretty much forced to pay the fee. However, when you work with a legitimate moving company, you can be sure that your final bill will be very close to the estimate given.

In finding a moving company that you can trust, the best way is to ask friends and family for a trusted mover, with whom they have had a pleasant moving experience. However, if you find a company online, you will want to do a background check to look up reviews, license numbers, and see if they have complaints with the Better Business Bureau to determine their reliability and legitimacy. Don’t get scammed by simply looking for the cheapest rates around. Call the right moving company in Los Angeles that you can trust, Inside Moves Relocation Services.

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