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Find the Best Folding Electric Cruiser for You in Newport Beach

Do you need to chill out a bit? Do you feel lethargic after a long day on the couch? If yes, you can find that a foldable rugged electric bike is the solution you’ve been looking for. You can have a relaxing day at Newport Beach, CA, which is best for recreational activities. Meanwhile, one of the best electric street bikes for you can be a folding bike as you can take it along with you at the beach. Also, a foldable e-bike can help you increase your speed while also lowering your carbon footprint.

Without question, the most defining feature of folding e-bikes is their portability. If you’re a frequent commuter who must rely on public transit, this function will come in handy in the majority of circumstances. But, on the other hand, some folded electric bikes are difficult to transport due to their heavy weight. Consequently, while determining which folding e-bike to purchase, you must consider some most significant aspects, which are given below.


Weight may range from 16.5kg to 22.5kg – even heavier than a standard bike. The heavier the bike, the more difficult it is to move and carry, and the more work it takes to get it going, especially if the battery is dead. If you’re in a shop, pick the bike up when it’s unfolded and folded to check if you’re physically capable of doing so and of getting a sense of how balanced it is in your hands.


Obtain a bike with a battery that you can remove. If the battery is easily accessible, you can reduce the bike’s weight by removing it and transporting it separately. If the battery is integrated into the frame and cannot be removed, then it cannot be conveniently stored, charged, or replaced. So, while purchasing a folding electric bike, double-check its battery.


If you decide on commuting with the electric bike, you’ll be folding and unfolding it frequently. Make sure the bike folds up nice and compactly and that you’re happy with the folding process. You must check how to easily fold and unfold a bike, how to carry it quickly, and how to balance it. Remember that some inferior folding bikes are difficult to fold and unfold, and even when folded, they take up a lot of room. They may also feature low-quality hinges that are difficult to tighten or untighten and are prone to wear and strain, as well as corrosion.

Battery Range

You must know the range of the folding e-bike battery before purchasing it. The claimed range must exceed the distances you intend to cycle to avoid running out of battery. Manufacturers offer ranges under ideal conditions; thus, the actual range you should expect will be smaller than the quoted range. Long-range batteries are available for an additional fee when purchasing an e-bike. So, if you plan on cycling longer distances, this is something you should consider purchasing.

The Bottom Line

Electric bike riding is one of several types of exercise that get you outside and refresh your mind. At the same time, you can have more things to do and more ways to spend your time at Newport Beach, CA. Relax, unwind, and take in the breathtaking vistas of dawn and sunsets there. What’s more, don’t forget to take your folding electric cruiser with you.

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