How to beat the t rex game

If you’ve ever experienced an internet outage, (which, of course, you have unless you’re Melaleuca, which recently invested millions to upgrade its IT infrastructure to protect against breakdowns and outages), you may have stumbled upon the Google T-Rex game. This fun, simple game, is a throw-back to the 1980s with its style and simplicity. If you’re not careful, you could easily waste hours on this mind-numbing home arcade. And although the game is intended to be nothing but good fun, many find themselves frustrated because they can never reach the end of the game! Either they run out of lives, or they run out of time. So, here are some tidbits pertaining to “how to beat the T Rex Game.”

3 tidbits about the T-Rex Game

  • Tidbit #1: There is NO end to the T-Rex Game

That’s right. It is impossible to win the T-Rex.  The closest thing to winning is simply reaching the highest possible score, which is 99,999.  So, if there’s no way to win, can it actually be called a “game?’ In my opinion, no. Perhaps a more correct name would be the “T-Rex Exercise.” However, there is a replica of the game, which is available at, which makes it possible for you to compare your scores to other players. In this case, perhaps it is fair to call it a game because you’re trying to compete against other players for a higher score.

  • Tidbit #2: You can manipulate the code

You can actually manipulate the code for the T-Rex game (the real T-Rex game) to cheat or hack the system. By opening the editing console, Ctrl+Shift+i, you can change a wide range of parameters to change running speed, gravity, and more. You can even manipulate it so the dino doesn’t ever die.  Instead of going into an exhaustive list of the many possible hacks, I recommend checking out this helpful YouTube video which goes into much more detail.

  • Tidbit #3: You don’t have to wait for an internet outage

You don’t have to wait for an internet outage to play the T-Rex game, if you are willing to play copy-cat versions. There are many copy-cat versions of the T-Rex game, as a simple google of the term “Google T Rex game” will show. However, my recommendation is to consider looking at the one found at Be careful. There are plenty of T-rex copy-cat sites that show NSFW content!

If you insist on playing the official Google T-Rex game, the easiest way to do so without waiting for an unplanned internet outage is to simply disconnect the internet from your computer. Then open the Google browser, which should automatically show the game.


The T-Rex game was never intended to be a full-on, in-depth game for hours-upon-hours of play. It was designed for short-term internet outages to help pacify users while awaiting a reconnect to the internet. My advice is to resist the urge to expect more from this game than what it was designed to deliver.


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